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Helen MacMillan is an author, international speaker, and success coach helping women awaken their greater personal and earning power.

She is the founder and CEO of Helen MacMillan Coaching and creator of the program, “Shift into Your Million Dollar Zone” helping clients across the globe to break through conditioned mindsets to achieve million dollar results.

As a mind body expert, leader, and facilitator, Helen teaches the power of using the mind-body connection to consciously create the life experience you desire.

Helen works with clients around the world, helping them eliminate the blocks to successfully creating financial, emotional, and spiritual wealth and has most recently been featured in Essence Magazine and Ebony Magazine.

To book Helen to speak:

Contact her at (727) 458-7735 or email for more information.


Fantastic speaker who I highly recommend as a teacher, speaker, or coach. Helen MacMillan is the real deal – honest about who she was and who she is. Can’t ask for more than that. I received new lessons and saw old things in a new way. 

        Will Harris



Defining Success radio show with Pam McCall

Finding Your Million Dollar Zone
Listen in, as Helen is interviewed by Professional Business Coach, Pam McCall. Helen speaks about helping entrepreneurs eliminate inner blocks and Shift Into Their Million Dollar Zone!

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Breaking Bad Habits of Negative Thinking
Listen to this candid interview, by Toussaint Lewis, as Helen answers caller questions and discusses positive thinking, and becoming aware of the bad habits negative thinking can produce.


Empowering Women, Transforming Life with Rebecca Hall Gruyter

 Step through Transitions more powerfully and into your Million Dollar Zone

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Julie Kramer, and Helen MacMillan discuss how to help you build a thriving life your way. Julie will share tips, insights and wisdom on how to move through transitions more effectively, powerfully by bringing in both your heart and mind into the process. Helen will share with what she calls the Million Dollar Zone and how to shift into it powerfully