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Messy Transitions

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Today marks the first day that I am officially an “empty nester”. The last of my three children left home yesterday for college. My older two have been gone for a while. (It’s a 10 year age difference between #2 and #3.) Last week we were all together for the first time in 6 years! #2 graduated from the Naval Officer training program and I seized the opportunity to create a mini family reunion around the celebration. My Mom flew…

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Challenge or Opportunity?

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Well, Donald Trump has been in office 11 days and chances are you are feeling A) The world has gone mad B) Incredibly stressed and angry C) Disconnected from the whole thing I spoke with a friend last night (who lives in another country) and she was feeling incredibly stressed out by what is happening here in America. I was curious as to why she felt so affected, since she doesn’t live here. I forgot that the world is more…

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THIS Is Why I Meditate!

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 Last week myself, my husband and my youngest son were heading to Jamaica for the weekend to attend my nieces wedding. We had a 7 am flight. It’s always a struggle to get my teenage son out the door that early in the morning, but after much nagging and shouting, we finally made it to the Baltimore airport at 5:30 am. I attempt to get us checked in, while my husband parks the car, but the kiosk keeps spitting out…

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Lessons Learned From A 5K

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It’s a warm evening. I feel grateful for the gentle breeze as I stand in the throng of bodies awaiting the start of the race. The sky is a mix of pink, orange and yellow hues against the backdrop of the huge water feature atop the hotel. It’s true. Everything is more magical at Disney. The buzz of excited chatter grows quiet as the announcer gives final instructions: Set an intention for the race. Who are you running/ walking for?…

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