Align & Amplify LIVE!

Your Power, Presence & Profitability

with Master Coach and Intuitive Healer, Helen MacMillan

Are you tired of feeling like life is hard? 

Do you want to tap into the bigger possibilities that are available to you?

  • Manifest the happiness, health, and wealth you desire?
  • Feel clear, confident, grounded, radiant, and magnetic?
  • Align with your authentic truth and power and take inspired action?
  • Take your life or business to the next level?
  • Create a success mindset and elevate your vibration?
  • Learn how to manifest your deepest desires with ease and grace?

Then you, Courageous One, are in the right place!

Tap into the powerful principles of ALIGNMENT and AMPLIFY  Your POWER, PRESENCE & PROFITABILITY with ease, grace, joy and laughter.


love, money, time, joy, support


bigger THINKING & bigger PLAYING



This Two-Day Retreat happens

September 28 & 29, 2018 

Investment: $597

Given the intimate nature of this work, numbers are strictly limited, so register early to make sure you grab your spot!
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What in your life needs to be aligned?

Here’s what I know for sure:

  • Struggle and pain are a sure sign you are out of alignment.
  • When you are in alignment with your unique purpose and your truth, your life flows with ease and grace.
  • You can be aligned in one area of your life and out of alignment in another area.
  • Discomfort and dis-ease are an invitation to get re-aligned.

When alignment is restored there is an energetic amplification that occurs that makes things so much easier, joyful and abundant.

You know that ...

  • deep down, there are dreams in your heart to create
  • negative thinking is not a success or happiness strategy
  • you’re done with settling for less
  • you’re ready to raise your standards
  • you’re ready to create powerful beliefs and rock a new vibration
  • you’re ready for radical self-love and to believe in your worthiness
  • you desire clarity on your purpose and desires
  • you’re ready to connect with your power and pleasure as a woman
  • you want to have the badass confidence and self-belief to take inspired action
  • you want to drop the struggle and achieve more in the flow

Do you want ...

  • To be happier, healthier and wealthier?
  • Things to feel easier?
  • To jump out of bed in the morning with joy and anticipation for the day ahead?
  • To love and trust yourself on a whole new level?
  • Deep, intimate connections?
  • Adventures of a lifetime?
  • To tap into powerful principles that will change your life forever?
  • To find your own distinctive path?
  • To be inspired by your purpose and potential?


This Two-Day Retreat happens

September 28 & 29, 2018 

Investment: $597

Need to have a conversation with Helen to make a final decision?
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Already know you are a YES?
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Weekend Agenda *

  • Gain awareness about what needs to be aligned in your life
  • Get crystal clear on YOUR next level goals and desires
  • Give yourself permission to want MORE
  • Learn the process of alignment and then apply that process to all the facets of your life
  • Help you break free from blocks and fears that are keeping you stuck
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind for success
  • Embody the highest potential of you
  • Unlock your authentic power and presence
  • Follow your heart and intuition and take inspired action
  • Learn the tools for daily MindShift and manifestation work
*I always reserve the right to adjust the agenda in order to meet the highest needs of the group.

Here’s the thing…

you have to love yourself enough to:

  1. Break the rules.
  2. Give yourself permission to DESIRE more, HAVE more and BE more.
  3. Breakthrough your fear of change
  4. Experience a life-altering metamorphosis.

Join a small group of committed adventurers, just like you, on the journey of personal transformation. Together, we will delve deep into a faster, easier way to achieve the goals you have set for yourself – and we will have SO MUCH FUN along the way!

When you are in alignment, high vibration and believing in new possibilities, you become a magnet for opportunities and wondrous, extraordinary events.

Let’s get real for a minute…

You are smart as heck and you know it.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your life so far… and you know there is more that’s possible.

  • Maybe you just don’t know how to get to the next level
  • Maybe you’re scared about what it will require and that it won’t be worth the effort
  • Maybe you’re not sure you’re up to the task
  • Maybe you tell yourself you “should” be happy with what you have and not want more
  • Maybe you feel guilty or ashamed about all this.


You know there is more and you want it!

I feel you. Been there. Done that.


Here’s my hindsight wisdom (what I learned from my own journey and guiding hundreds of people just like you):

It’s natural for you to want to continue to grow, evolve, discover and expand. It’s about being more of you. Unapologetically. You’re hardwired for it because YOU ARE THE GIFT YOU CAME TO GIVE THE WORLD.

This journey is faster and waaaay more fun when we don’t do it alone.  There are certain patterns you have that are so much a part of you, you can’t even see how they are limiting you. In fact, they have served you well to get you here. However, “what got you here, won’t get you there”. Those patterns, unresolved, become the very things that limit you progress to the next level of your personal or professional development (or make it much more difficult).

How do we do this?

  • By identifying and changing the limiting beliefs you have that are not aligned with what you desire to achieve, create or experience.
  • By learning to trust your internal guidance system.
  • By creating an environment (internally and externally) that supports you
  • By harnessing the power of community (a small group of committed, like-minded people) to amplify your results, making the process easier, quicker and more enjoyable.
  • By working with an experienced guide who knows exactly how to teach you how to align with what’s true for you.

You’ll get all of this and more when you join me for my 2 day event:

Align & Amplify Live! 

September 28 & 29, 2018.


I know how difficult it is to make the quantum leap to your authentic truth, worthiness and manifestation on your own. We ALL need support when stepping up to the next level of our dreams and desires.

A small group with the guidance of an experienced coach can make all the difference when setting your goals that are aligned with your deepest desires and unique soul purpose.

When we commit to others, we make the time and space in our lives to focus on ourselves and each other.

Stepping out of your regular life and attending a live event such as this is like placing a stake in the ground and saying “Yes, I’m devoting myself to finding the solutions I’ve been seeking”.

Once you’ve “staked” your intentions, the Universe organizes around that intention and an energetic field builds around you, producing synergy and vibrancy.


Working together in a small group is a super-smart, wise decision.

Because leveraging the power of the group creates amplification. The group amplifies the energy and the intention.

When you share your intentions and others are there to witness them with you it makes it easier to manifest and make remarkable shifts quicker.

Whatever you focus on in your life expands.

Are you ready for the expansiveness of joy and bliss in your life? To expand the boundaries of how much abundance you can receive?


Helen MacMillan is the creator and facilitator of The P.A.T.H. to Ultimate Freedom, Create a SHIFT Now!, Unleash Your Juicy Joy, The Joyful Money Zone and many other personal growth training and coaching programs. She guides people through the powerful process of making the mental and emotional shifts that allow them to transform their life experiences from pain to peace and from stress to joyful success – with grace and ease.

Helen is a gifted personal and business success coach. She has the special gift of helping others learn to love and believe in themselves, and raise their confidence and worthiness 100%.

She holds the ability to:

  • Help you set goals that are aligned with your unique purpose and deepest desires
  • Help you identify your limited beliefs and elevate your mindset and how you show up in the world
  • Hold you to your highest potential badass self and keep you accountable to taking inspired action
  • Be instrumental in elevating your clarity, self-confidence and success
  • Instill a lot of fun, love and irresistible joy to support you as you rise
  • Be the crystal catalyst that stimulates prisms of possibilities for you
  • Intuitively recognize your blind spots and reflect that awareness back to you so you can make a shift


Align & Amplify Your Power, Presence & Profitability is an rare opportunity to work with Helen MacMillan, an exceptional personal transformation coach in a small group setting, thereby amplifying your transformation through the power of the group.

Be supported in your life-changing quantum leaps of faith; surround yourself with people who will support your mind shifts vibrationally.


Dates: Friday, Sept. 28 & Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018

Time:   9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST

Location:  Hampton Inn & Suites, Columbia, MD (Balt/Wash DC area)

Investment: $597

WARNING: There are a limited number of slots that are filling up fast!


 Have questions? Need to have a conversation with Helen to make a final decision?  Click here to schedule a time to chat.

This Two-Day Retreat happens

September 28 & 29, 2018 

Investment: $597

Helen blew away my skepticism in the first 15 minutes of our first session. She was able to put her finger on the pulse of exactly what I needed.  If I’d never have had another session with her, my life would still have been changed forever.

~Christine Crockett Smith

Coaching with Helen was a very meaningful and rewarding experience. I learned a lot about myself (my strengths and areas I need to improve in). When we started working together I was a “newby” in business, I was overwhelmed, knowing I had a lot to do and learn and not knowing what to do first. Helen was very accessible, guiding me and helping me stay focused.

I am so much more comfortable being visible now! I created and sold a 30-day Bucket list challenge, I have been interviewed on two tele-summits and completed two presentations at work!

~Nancy Smith, Vibrant You Coaching

Our first call was the deep dive session. Helen got inside my head – deep inside – and I recalled events from my life that I never thought were significant, but that I now realize were actually narrating my belief system, and subconsciously blocking money and success from coming into my life!

What happened after that call was astounding. The next day I closed 3 out of the 3 sales calls. The following day I closed another. With Helen’s help, I created a group coaching program, which I sold in just 2 weeks. At the end of that month, I had record sales of $17,000!  The month after I earned $20,000!

~Lindsey Ellison, Relationship Coach

Coaching with Helen was exciting and calming at the same time. Our sessions were always a very safe space to be honest. I went from feeling confused and scattered, to having much more clarity about the things that I want to do and I’m more  focused on the action plan. Heck, before this I didn’t even HAVE an action plan!

The honest self evaluation was refreshing. I am so much more confident in my ability to succeed in my plans!

~Donna Nicolls