I’m in action in my business.

Susan Shah Wellness
It’s tough to describe in words everything I learned and how I’ve grown from working with Helen. She helped me manage all my “crazy” - both in my personal and professional life. When we started working together I was at a low and unhappy point, frustrated with my business and feeling kind of stuck with my life although things were decent. I wasn't desperate for money, I was fairly healthy and I was living a good life but it wasn't enough. It was struggle to get motivated with growing my business and had so many fears and all of this was impacting my relationship with myself and my husband. I didn't feel like my strong, powerful, bad ass self. Helen helped me work through my fears and really understand the journey I was on. She never just gave me random "to do’s" or goals, but instead allowed me to find my strength, work on overcoming my fears and really increasing my confidence and joy. I’m much stronger: I don't get a emotionally down if someone criticizes me or my business. That is huge! I'm in action in my business. I even raised my prices and am signing clients at my new high price. (I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do so if wasn't for our work together.) I am attracting connections and people that literally coming out of nowhere and I believe it's because I'm in such a good place. So many of the tools I learned are serving me each day and for that I'm forever thankful.