Small Shifts Add Up To Big Transformations

For those of you desiring to have the freedom to control your life and powerfully create what you want, the work begins with SHIFTING. Your mind. Your beliefs. Your actions. Your choices.

It begins with AWAKENING from the trance of scarcity, of settling – for being less than you were created to be and having less than you truly desire.

It begins with starting to saying NO to what you don’t want and what’s not working for you and YES to more of what YOU want.

It begins with being WILLING to take 100% responsibility for your life. Your choices. Your responses.

It begins with A DECISION. To embrace change. To do the work.

It must be fueled by a DESIRE to elevate your life experience. To end struggle and move from surviving to THRIVING.

It’s time. Are you ready?

There are 3 paths to choose:

1.  S. H. I. F. T. Breakthrough Intensives
This is a 2 day breakthrough intensive. A great place to start your journey of personal liberation, or to make a quantum leap while transforming to greater levels of personal power and freedom.

You will learn (or deepen your understanding of) the foundational principles for freeing yourself; expand your self awareness in multiple areas; illuminate what’s in your blind spot; be supported in courageously letting go what is no longer serving you and stepping into new possibilities! Whatever level of SHIFT you are ready for is available to you HERE.

2. Group Programs
(6 or 12 month programs) These programs are a journey of personal transformation that you take with me, my assistant coach Matthew Gordon-Martin and a group of fellow travelers on a path to accessing and building your personal power in 7 key areas: physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, vocal and transformational. As you build your power, you breakthrough the chains of limitation and access new levels of freedom, connection, joy, and success (however YOU choose to define it.). The path is not a linear one. It is a spiral with twists and turns. You learn to navigate these twists and turns; embracing and investigating the gifts they bring. You get to practice applying the tools you learn in the program and have the support to move through the inevitable life challenges and see them as opportunities to grow. Having the guidance and group support exponentially increases your progress and makes the journey way more fun!

Interested in joining our next group program?  Yes! I’d like to learn more.

3. One on One Coaching

This one on one journey with You, Me and your Higher (Infinite) Self, is a free flowing journey of exploring and playing in uncharted territory – going beyond your current level of consciousness and tapping into your greatest joy and highest potential. What’s possible when you move past your current limitations? Let’s find out. We co-create a program to serve you where you are. This 1:1 coaching session is done through phone, skype or zoom. This is a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment. We’ll uncover whats in your way and help create a shift mentally and emotionally so you can get back on track fast!

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