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Creating a life YOU love!

By January 4, 2012 November 7th, 2012 3 Comments

What would you attempt to be, do or have if you knew that you were guaranteed to be successful?                                                                         And who decides what success is anyway?
I’ve been thinking about how many times in my life I have allowed fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and my programming (other peoples thoughts, ideas and rules) to limit my choices and decisions (possibilites)!                           What I have come to realise is that, as a deliberate creator, I truly have the power to create my life by choosing my thoughts and actions consciously!

It feels so good to be living my life on my terms. Creating a life that I love to wake up to everyday! It has been a dynamic process getting to this point (and it is by no means over). Life is truly a journey with many twists and turns (and some interesting detours :)! )

Here’s some of the wisdom I’ve learned along the way that have helped me to get where I am:

1 – Get clear about what you really, really want. You may have to give yourself permission to do this. Beginning in childhood, most of us have been accustomed to being told what we like/don’t like, or what we should want or don’t want. (“You like/want that?!!”)  It may take some time, exploration and help to uncover what you really desire.

2 – Be willing to uncover -and release- the beliefs, thoughts, ideas, relationships, and activities that are not in alignment with what you desire. This in itself is a process, so decide to have fun with it! Many of us are creatures of habit who tend to resist change. Recognizing your toxic, limiting, self-deprecating thoughts and behaviours, is an art in itself. But, like anything thing else in life,  you will get better with practice (and you can always get help with this).

3 – Stay in the question. The minute we figure that we have all the answers, we limit our possibilities. Learn to ask: What else can I learn/see here? Who can help me with this? How much better can this get? (and learn to trust the answers that pop into your head!)

4 – The outer is simply a reflection of the inner. The world is like a great big mirror and we are like magnets! We attract to us people, situations and experiences that are a reflection of our beliefs. So to change your experience of the world you must begin on the inside – by changing yourself. If you want to experience peace, you create an inner feeling of peace; if you want to experience abundance you recognize and own your value, worthiness, deserving and release any ideas you may have been taught about lack; etc. etc. etc…

5 – Develop a healthy, happy and loving relationship with yourself and your body. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. The body is our home. It allows us to truly experience life in this dimension. It needs to be cared for, maintained and appreciated, if it is to perform optimally. Learn all you can about your body. Don’t be afraid to talk to it and thank it for all it enables you to do!

6 – Feel your emotions. Allow yourself acknowledge and feel your emotions without needing to judge or analyze them to death. They are not right or wrong; good or bad. E-motions are simply “energy-in-motion”. They will get stuck/repressed if you judge them. Just allow yourself to feel them – fully, deeply, non-judgementally – and they will move along. Whether you choose to express what you are feeling, or not, is up to you as long as you honor (acknowledge within yourself) what you are feeling.

7 –  You have the power to decide and declare what an experience is for you. It’s YOUR LIFE!  The inevitable “bumps in the road of life” are important! Like the tests we get in school, they serve to show you how much of your learning you’ve retained and what you need to practice some more :). That’s all… really!

8 – You are not meant to do it alone! Learning to recognize when you need help or support and having the courage to ask for it – and receive it – is huge!!!!

Here’s to you taking your power back and creating a life YOU love to wake up to everyday!

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