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Are you…

  • Struggling with getting clarity about your message?
  • Can’t seem to connect with your ideal clients?
  • Attracting clients who can’t or won’t pay your rates?
  • Frustrated that you can’t find a better way to talk about what you do so that people “get it” and hire you?

You’ve got Messaging Blocks!

The biggest way they show up is as plain old fear (disguised as anxiety, procrastination, overwhelm and confusion) which results in slowing you down, or stopping you completely from moving forward in your marketing or from getting to the next level of your growth and expansion.

Blocks are designed to stop you or limit you. If you are not clear or, if things aren’t flowing for you, then on some level (usually on an unconscious level) part of you is fearful of being seen or heard.

The good news is we don’t need to know WHY. We just need to find the energetic blocks and release them!

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