This years Quantum Shift™ Mastermind Retreat

is: October 18 – 20, 2012

Are you ready for something NEW?
Or just something DIFFERENT?(You may not know what it is)Are you done with playing on the field you’ve been on?
Ready for something BIG?
To step into your PURPOSE in a BIGGER way and be well compensated for it?
To give up the need to STRUGGLE?
To stand UNAPOLOGETICALLY in your power and bring your gifts to the world in a bigger way?


Life is progressing at an unprecedented speed, making it more and more challenging to find the time to explore, take stock and stay focused.
To ensure that we are aligned with our deepest desires, our life’s purpose, and to evolve consciously, we must take the time to connect, refocus and realign.

This is an invitation…

To deep dive with other heart centered, spirit-driven entrepreneurs.

To go within and explore…

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to go
  • Who you want to BE
  • What you want to create
  • Identify the obstacles that are in your way and DISINTEGRATE them!

This is an opportunity to mastermind with, and be supported by, SPIRIT and other like minded, powerful souls who are a vibrational (energetic) match for you!

You will have an opportunity to SHIFT™:

  • Your mindset for greater success and ease
  • To a new level in your life and business
  • Your relationships with yourself and others
  • Your relationship with money
  • Your energetic blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Into a more expanded, powerful version of yourself

October 18-20, 2012