Whether you know it or not, you’re at a critical decision point…

And what you decide will CREATE YOUR FUTURE.

The only question is what future will you create?

Will you choose the option that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and creates the future you know you truly desire to live?

OR  will you choose to go along for a ride where someone else calls the shots for you, and you get what you get?

In case you’re wondering… NO, avoiding the decision is NOT AN OPTION. Even if you don’t think you’re deciding, you are.

Fortunately, your choices are simple. AND, what you choose impacts EVERYTHING.

Here’s option 1 – To Live Your Life giving your power away to people and circumstances outside of yourself.

We give our power away to others because somewhere inside we believe they are more qualified to choose for us. We usually do it without realizing that we’re doing it.

I call this ‘Living from the Greater Power Illusion’. When we do that, we always have someone or something to blame for not getting what we want.

We run around trying to please others and avoid breaking the rules. We don’t rock the boat because of who might be upset or what they’ll think about us.

From the Greater Power Illusion our best efforts always leave us frustrated and unfulfilled.

Here’s option 2 – To Live knowing You Are the Greatest Power in Your Life

This has nothing to do with egomania and everything to do with OWNING THE POWER YOU HAVE to create what you want. It’s escaping the traps of shaming, blaming, excuses, and judgments that keep you chained to the reality that you do not desire (and in a state of powerlessness!)

This is the path of authenticity, and it’s the only thing that can give you back your freedom. The precious sense of freedom that evaporates every time you let someone else take charge of your life and decisions.

This is the only choice that will bring you the joy, freedom and success you are desiring.

So, it’s up to you…

Will you choose to own your power and live your greater destiny? Or will you continue playing the no-win game of the Greater Power Illusion?

If you choose to remain trapped in the Greater Power Illusion, I can’t help you. Thanks for your time.

If you’d like to live Your most amazing life and OWN the power you have to create it, you’ll want to hear about the S.H.I.F.T. Breakthrough Intensive…

YES! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

This intimate 2 day intensive is a great place to either start your journey of personal liberation or, make a quantum leap on your path to greater levels of personal power and freedom.

Master Coaches Helen MacMillan and Matthew Gordon-Martin bring a unique approach to facilitating personal transformation which allows you quickly recognize and break through the inner barriers that stop you from you from BEING your happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, most powerful self.  

All outer change begins with an internal SHIFT. Your mindset. Your thoughts. Your beliefs. Your choices. Your actions.

This SHIFT begins with awareness. After all, you can’t change what you can’t see.

The SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive is a powerful container where we guide you through this proprietary process for making changes that STICK (true transformation).

This intimate group experience is an opportunity to:

  • Finally make a BREAKTHROUGH on something that you’ve been struggling with and haven’t successfully accomplished or sustained.
  • Make a big BOLD change
  • STEP UP to the next level of personal and professional success
  • To be more COMMITTED to your dreams than your reality.

This is an invitation to:

  • Commit to achieving greater success and happiness in a way you haven’t yet 
  • Have a new experience
  • Step out of your day to day life and focus on YOU.
  • Get clear about what’s not working and change it.
  • Make the process of change easier and more fun!



The Rebels & Rule Breakers who refuse to settle for the life you’ve been livand achieving less than your full potential.

The High Achievers who knows that the glass ceiling was made to be shattered and who is ready to soar beyond your current reality.

The Purpose-Driven Seekers on a path of self growth who is feeling the internal call to explore what’s next for you.

The Leaders & Aspiring Leaders who recognize the need for support to push through your fear barriers and step into the bigger bolder version of yourself. You know there is a solution to every problem and you won’t stop seeking till you find it.

The Accomplished Leaders who understand the power of getting other perspectives on a situation in order to solve a problem – faster and easier – and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the outcome you desire.


If you are tired of struggling with a specific issue, repeatedly bumping up against it and not moving past it… AND you are ready to thrive in a new bold way… The SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive is for you!


YES! This is me! I’m ready to reserve my seat!

Meet Your Coaches

Helen Macmillan

Helen MacMillan

I am on a mission to help people understand that pain is often a signpost to bring awareness to the places we have stepped away from being true to ourselves and thus present an opportunity to come back home to ourselves.

My skill is guiding you to use that place as the fastest, easiest route into the next level of your growth – which is always being a more expanded, authentic, powerful version of yourself.

Matthew Gordon-Martin

Matthew Gordin-Martin

My practice allows me to help other professionals connect with their truth, clarify their intentions and synthesize both into actions so that they too can enjoy more success in their lives.

Having sincere confidence in who you are, makes you more comfortable in allowing people to see your most authentic self. You become more naturally radiant and magnetic, fostering a greater connection with your audience whether it be on the theatre stage or on the stage of life.

What Others Have Experienced

Sharon Feanny

I wanted some direction in my life, some help focusing on my goals, someone to help me get over my “blocks”. Instead I got someone who saw my soul, who was my mirror and who was not afraid to call me on my sh*t in the most loving way. My life has transformed in so many ways with Helens coaching. Most of all she has taught me to trust myself and to value what I have to share with the world. Helen is professional, intuitive and loving with an amazing business sense. If you are looking for a life coach, stop right here! –Sharon Feanny

Veronica Yeh

Helen is one of the key reasons I feel fulfillment and true happiness in my life. In 2012, I was going through a quarter-life crisis. On the outside, I lived a very successful life. But every day I woke up with this feeling that something was missing. She helped me realize that I needed to be authentic and pursue the things that I have a passion for and to not play small in life. Helen, you’ve helped me to pursue my dreams wholeheartedly and taught me self-compassion. I’m so grateful for you and your work. –Veronica Yeh

Evelyn Whitset

Helen is one of the most genuine, kind, helpful, direct, experienced, intuitive, wise and loving coaches I know with a huge bag of effective tools. She will call you on your BS, but in such a loving way, that all you can do is nod & thank her for pointing the truth out to you!! I simply love her!! –Evelyn Whitset


Friday, June 14th & Saturday, 15th, 2019

9:00 am – 6:00 pm  (both days)

Courtyard Marriott, Aventura, FL (Fort Lauderdale area)

This is a small group experience, limited to 12 people, so that we can give you the individual attention and facilitate the breakthrough you desire.

Investment:  $997 

Still not sure, if this is event is right for you? Schedule a free 30 min Discovery Call with Helen.