Weekend Soul Retreat (Jamaica)
March 2014

Is your Soul calling for a little play time? For you to step away from your busy life and reconnect with yourself and nature? To decompress; release what is no longer serving you and open to new possibilities? Pause, check in with your soul and seek its guidance? Take stock of where you are and where you are headed?

This 2 1/2 day retreat provides you with the opportunity to do all that ….and more!

Sometimes just stepping away, into a different environment is enough to change your perspective. Add to that a powerful intention to tap into the energies of 2013 in the magical mountains of Jamaica with me and who knows what else is possible?

Your investment in yourself sends a powerful message to the Universe about your value and what matters to you. Taking time to reconnect and renew your relationship with yourself – body, mind and soul – powerfully impacts every area of your life!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Helen MacMillan: wife, mother, success life coach, intuitive healer, physical therapist, yoga teacher and mind body expert.

I have been facilitating personal growth and spiritual workshops and retreats for over 15 years. I know that it is possible to change the things in your life that are not working for you. I have done it in my life and I’ve helped hundreds of people like you to do it too. I bring to the table a deep wisdom and spiritual insight (which I balance with a healthy dose of fun and laughter) and the ability create and hold a safe, sacred space for you to reconnect with the part of you that knows what’s best for you, why you’re here and your best next steps on your life path.

Imagine… Morning walks and yoga, freshly prepared island food. Guided meditations and soul exploration. Dancing from the Heart and a glass of wine by the fire at night (you do know that red wine is soul food right?) đŸ™‚ and returning to your life feeling rejuvenated, centered and clear.

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