1:1 Coaching Program


For the woman who is longing to be truly free to have the life and she’s been dreaming about for so long AND to experience juicy joy! (To have your cake AND eat it too!)

My one on one coaching program is where I personally guide you through the inner healing and mindset work that has to happen in order for you to be truly free to create a meaningful, sustainable, profitable and joyful life.

It is a intuitive, Spirit-led journey of expansion and healing in which I am in service to your Soul.

A journey that empowers you to connect with, trust, love and honor yourself on unprecedented levels. And when you do… you experience a life of juicy joy, bountiful abundance, grounded confidence and deep fulfillment – What I call ‘Ultimate Freedom’.

It is life-changing. Period.

Why is this process necessary?

All of us have been subjected to social and societal conditioning that creates our belief system. Without doing the inner work of exploring and transforming the beliefs that do not serve you, you will inevitably limit your own success and growth –and that of your business.

We are not truly Free if we are enslaved by what other people think, live from obligation instead of true desire, or are not freely expressing the truth of who we are in the world.

YOU are the greatest gift you came to give the world! If you are showing up as a version of your true self, you are holding back on delivering the gift.

When a woman connects with her authentic power and lives from her deepest truth, she operates very differently in her life. She no longer needs anyone else’s permission to be, do and have what she desires. Her joy is palpable. Her abundance flows. Her energy is magnetic. She is FREE!

This Program is for you if…

  • You are smart, saavy and accomplished. You’ve done enough personal development to know that your brilliant mind also creates sophisticated defense mechanisms – “your blindspot”.
  • You’re smart enough to know you need help because you can’t see what’s in your own”blind spot”.  You desire to have a guide. Someone with the ability and the experience – someone that you can trust fully – to help you get there.
  • You have a big vision for your business, and a big mission in the world but you don’t want it to be at the expense of your health and wellbeing. You want to get clarity on how to accomplish it with greater balance and with joy and ease.
  • You’re already doing well in your business (you may even be at multiple 6-figures or 7 figures already), but your life is falling apart. Your relationships are suffering. Your self care is suffering. You’ve lost your joy. You want it back and to create a way to sustain your joy AND your success.
  • You know you’ve got some issues from your past that are holding you back in some way and you are ready to be FREE!
  • You know that it’s not just a quick-fix that you’re looking for – you want expansive, sustainable, lifelong change.

Warning: We go deep.

But don’t worry we can always start at the shallow end. 🙂

You will release MANY of your blocks. The good news is, you will have consistent support and guidance from me through the entire process and it’s easier than you think. This is a personalized program. We start where you need to start, and together, we decide what new areas to work on as the program progresses. Because even if we have similar life experiences, we each have our own unique interpretations life’s experiences. I give you the exact kind of guidance you need, based on where YOU are in your process.

As we go through your process, you will gain:

  • A level of connection with yourself, trust in yourself, and confidence that is unprecedented in your life.
  • A sense of freedom, peace and ease, no matter what twists and turns life throws at you.
  • Improved relationships (especially the one with yourself – because once you sort that one out, ALL of your relationships improve).
  • A totally different relationship with money (i.e. less stress around it!).
  • Better physical health – because you’ll find a healthier balance and will take better care of yourself.
  • Greater clarity about what you want, and the focus to make it happen.
  • Improved communication – because when you’re clear on what you want and how you feel, you’re able to communicate it much more easily.

In short, the way you handle your challenges; the way you think; and the very way you approach your life and your business will be different.

It’s time to become the CEO of your life . . . and give yourself permission to do what YOU desire to do. . . so you can HAVE the life experience you truly desire…

After all, it is your ONE, sweet, precious life.

Want to sign up or have questions?

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with me by filling out the form below. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for, go over the details of the program, and see if we’re a good fit for each other. (There’s no obligation to sign up for the program if you grab a Discovery Session – I really do want this to be a good match for both of us. If I feel like you need something else, I’ll be honest with you.)

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