My Big Leap

By November 3, 2012 3 Comments

I recently read Gay Hendricks book,  The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level
I was inspired. There have been certain books that have moved me deeply in my life and this certainly qualifies as one of them. (For a list of other books I recommend check out my home page: https://helenmacmillan.com/)

                                             Hendricks talks about the 4 zones that we operate in:
1)The zone of incompetence  2)The zone of competence  3)The zone of excellence  4)The zone of genius

I have operated in all 4.  Most of us have. We are operating in these zones in different areas of our lives at any given time. According to Hendricks, we are most happy and fulfilled when we are living in our “Zone of Genius. It’s the only place where we can fully celebrate and express the gifts we’ve been given.” It is also where we really make a difference in the world.
While reading this book, I was inspired to commit to living in my zone of genius. I shared this information with my husband and he was inspired to do so also. We witnessed each other speaking that commitment out loud.
As a result, I have decided that as of Dec 31, 2012 I will no longer work in a physical therapy clinic. I have been an amazing physical therapist for nearly 30 years. It’s been a journey to to get to the point where I am willing to let go. I am excited and terrified at the same time. Yet, at the core of my being there is a knowing that it is time.

I will play in my zone of genius, which is helping leaders and innovators heal their relationship with their bodies, minds and souls so they show up powerfully and unapologetically as who they came here to BE. To shine brightly and share their gifts with the world so that every day is filled with joy, fulfillment and accomplishment.

Interestingly enough, in the 3 weeks since we did that, even though we have said nothing to him about this, our youngest son has opened up and stepped up in his life also. He has decided to take on more of a leadership role at school, doing the morning announcements show (which they have been trying to get him to do since the 7th grade). He is also more diligent about his schoolwork.

Coincidence? I think not. This is how it works. When we change ourselves we change the world. The choices and decisions we make in our lives have an effect on the people around us, even if we never say a word. We are energetic beings, emitting energetic signals and we are constantly informing, and being informed by, our environment.
What signals are you sending? What zone are you living in? Are you ready for a shift? A big leap? If so, I’m ready to serve.

As always, I LOVE to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below…

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  • Curt Stockford says:

    Helen, you send the positive signals of expansiveness and power. You are definitely operating in the right zone!
    And ….. congratulations on your decision to devote yourself completely to your new avocation.

  • Robert Burke says:

    Helen that was good, I am happy to experience the conscius words of an enlightened beign. Proud of you girl.
    Peace & Love

  • Allove says:

    Helen I want to congratulate you on your new vow of genius for your life and family. It is heartwarming to hear your partner embrace the same high level. Your date with destiny is powerful and I cheer you as I make a similar leap of faith.
    To your health and beauty.
    ~Fir Maid

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