“Let money be the sign from the universe that you are creating value for other people, not the measuring stick of your success or status in society.” ~ Tim Dennings, Author

It’s so easy to get caught in a rut of trying to make as much money as possible.

Don’t get me wrong – money is a fantastic resource. But when we get stuck in the trap of making money for the sake of making money it can get in the way of true fulfillment. If you can grasp the concept of pursuing your life’s purpose rather than chasing money, you will reach new levels of success.

If you’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled in life, then your beliefs about money are absolutely contributing to your unhappiness.

It’s so easy to start comparing your life to others. Unfortunately, social media platforms can give us the impression that everyone else’s life is amazing and happy. But outside appearances are not always a reflection of the truth. In fact, most people are walking around feeling chronically unhappy.

Feeling stuck and unfulfilled is a great problem to have because, once you are ready to come into alignment in your life this is an easy problem to work on and the solutions are straightforward. All it takes is an open mind, guidance from an experienced teacher and support.

Here are 6 reasons to pursue your life’s purpose and strengthen your relationship with money.

  1. Fulfilling your life’s purpose can give you money automatically

This is a concept that many people don’t understand.

When you focus on your purpose in life and you give it everything you have, eventually you will experience success. Why? Because when you succeed, you create value for other people, and that value can easily be compensated for.

The fastest way to get money is to not think about money and think instead about how you can bring value to people. Creating money requires you to get clarity on your purpose, find your passion, and create a set of beliefs that makes you feel certain you can exchange what you have to offer for money.

Generating money is relatively simple. In order to change your relationship with money you have to work on your mindset every day.

  1. Money can go out as quickly as it comes in

Money is a reflection of who we are.

If you lack the belief and mindset of how to give value to others, then even if you win the lottery tomorrow, you will almost certainly lose everything.

This is because once you understand how to make money by fulfilling your life’s purpose and giving people value, even if you lose everything you will know how to rebuild by following your passion.

All you have to do is do what you love to build your wealth back again.

  1. Achieving your purpose gives you meaning in your life

Making money doesn’t really feel very good for very long. In fact, it is a pretty empty feeling. When you are making money for the sake of making money, you begin to feel like you never have enough.

But when you are making money because you are fulfilling your purpose it feels incredible.

This is because when you are achieving success based on your passion, you realize a sense of meaning that no amount of money can give you.

  1. Money isn’t as important as the people in your life

When you have a lot of money, you quickly realize that it can make you feel great in the short term, but it doesn’t compare to the experience of truly connecting with others.

You can have a simple dinner party, and it can be the best night of your life. Not because of the money you invested in the party, but because of the connection you feel with the people at the party and the stories that are shared.

When you have an experience, and it is part of the dream you are pursuing, it becomes a critical piece of the story and meaning of your life. All of a sudden, everything fits together like a beautiful quilt, and you learn to love the negative parts as much as the positive ones.

  1. Seeking your life’s purpose will bring you into alignment

A critical law of nature is that whatever we focus on will thrive. If our thoughts are negative, we will manifest negativity. If our thoughts are positive, we will foster positivity in our life. And when we focus on fulfilling our purpose, we bring our life into alignment.

This is usually not true when we are focusing on making money solely for the purpose of making money. What happens most of the time is that people neglect other areas of their life, such as their health, or family or other things that bring them happiness.

When you are pursuing your purpose and passion, happiness will naturally flow into your life, making it easier for you to find balance in your life.

  1. Money status is meaningless

People are more impressed with accomplishments rather than having money. The person you have become, the impossible tasks that you have achieved, the way you give back and treat others is what matters, not money for the sake of having money. The more you fulfill your purpose, achieve the impossible and create value for others, the higher your social status will be.

When your focus is on fulfilling your purpose and passion, money becomes a wonderful representation of how powerfully you are loving yourself, showing up authentically and sharing your gifts with the world.

Like all relationships, you will have your ups and downs with money, but being committed to taking the focus off of making money and on to being mindful of how your purpose and passion intersects with providing value to others, you will find the joy, happiness, meaning, ease and flow in life that you seek.

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