What, courageous one, do you desire at the very core of your being?

If you could clear the clutter in your mind to access your core desire, first you would have to see the clutter to be able to clear it out of the way.

But even before clearing your mind, you would need the intention, the desire, to reach that core place within yourself.

Healing yourself at your core requires the desire to do so.

It’s not enough to want to stop the pain, to wish you were more successful in your job, have a deeper love relationship – or any other “thing” that you may want.

No one can initiate this desire within you. You must harness the power of desire yourself.

Without the power of desire, it will be difficult – maybe even impossible – to stay committed to the process of healing yourself and discovering the amazing life that is already within you, waiting to be released.

As a personal transformation coach, I can help guide you on the path, but ultimately, only YOU can decide to live the life you absolutely, unequivocally, were born to live.

And once you set your intention and begin to clear away the clutter, the energy in your being will shift, causing a positive shift in your emotional being that will ultimately change your vibrational level.

Many people want to things to change.

But not many people are prepared to make the changes that are required to experience the change they desire.

If you are not willing to LOOK at the clutter in your mind – to really see that it exists and do the work required to clear it out – you will continually be looking for something outside of yourself to “fix” yourself.

The truth is that the power to change can only be harnessed if you are willing to comprehend how incredibly powerful you truly are; the power to transform your life is already within you.

But first, you have to let go of the negative emotions and beliefs that surround you, like a bubble.

You, courageous one, are divinely powerful, regardless of what the experiences you have had in your life. To heal, you must see the illusion – the bubble – in which you exist. Your bubble of illusion is made up of the stories you have told yourself, the dysfunctional and self-limiting beliefs that you hold to be true.

Your unconscious beliefs are the illusionary bubble that surrounds you. And, like looking through a soap bubble, the world looks fuzzy and distorted when you look through them. Your internal dialog is the illusionary state of being you have created.

Most of us have been taught to live in a state of fear. Many of your beliefs about the world, yourself, money and love are fear-based. When you see the world through the distorted bubble of fear, you will constantly be on alert, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. And when something happens, no matter how inconsequential, you will react as if something catastrophic has occurred. It doesn’t matter what your mind hears you saying with your words, it resonates with your true feelings.

You can tell yourself “I love my life” but if your true feeling is “I’m so worried I might lose this house that I love” you will be sending the Universe the signal that you are not authentically loving your life. The Universe recognizes your vibrational state of being, which is ruled by your emotional state. If you generate fear, you will experience more fear.

Your life is your own creation.

Until you see the truth – until you pop the Bubble of Illusion – you are stuck living in the illusion, unaware that everything you are experiencing right now is the sum of your unconscious beliefs, the very same beliefs that are responsible for the vibrational frequency that you are energetically (emotionally) emitting. You are creating the life you are living on a vibrational level.

You can choose to pop your bubble of illusion. Just like that.

Here’s another way to think about the illusion. Who you are today is a result of all of the thoughts you have had up until this moment. And everything you have thought up until this moment is the result of what you have learned to believe about yourself.

The good news is that you have the ability to choose your beliefs. The key to healing does not lie in your conscious mind. While the conscious mind is a path to dismantle your own belief systems but the real secret to your healing lies in your ability to identify and change your unconscious belief systems.

Beliefs are just thoughts you have over and over. Most of our beliefs were decided when we were very young and impressionable. Although we are in pain, it is all we know. It is safe and somewhat comfortable.

When you have finally had enough – when you feel the desire to heal and are ready to let go – it can feel as if you are falling off of a cliff into nothingness. It helps to have someone to catch you.

We pop the bubble of our illusions by shifting our perspective (the way we look at things). We look at the beliefs that aren’t serving us and adopt new beliefs that are aligned with what we desire to experience instead.

Beyond the illusion of your fear and anger and frustration, lies a world full of beauty, inspiration, joy, blessings, love and yes, abundance. The stream of wellbeing flows within you, finally.

You are divine, light, love, creator, powerful, truth and the creator of your own reality.

The place to start is in your beliefs.

You must believe that all you are is the result of your unconscious perceptions and emotions. And that YOU have the power to change your beliefs – to question them, challenge them, and find a new set of beliefs.

Your happiness must become your number one priority.

And so, courageous one, we circle back around.

What do you desire at the very core of your being?

Are you ready to pop your bubble of illusion?

Are you ready to surround yourself with people who will support your mind shifts unconditionally and on a higher vibrational level?

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Take some time today to imagine your deepest desire. As you go about your day-to-day activities, imagine what it would feel like to be free? Who could you be without your illusion bubble?


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