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What does ‘wealth’ mean to you?

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I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients the other day. I asked her if she had decided whether or not she was going to come to my Reconnection and Renewal Retreat in the Cayman Islands in October. She said “I’ve decided not to”. I said “Ok. Do you mind sharing with me why not? (I was curious as when I had originally started planning it she had been excited by the idea). She went on to explain that, after listening to my webinar, “Relax Your Way To Wealth: How to save your sanity and your health while you build your business”, she was turned off. She also went on to explain that she thought that the focus on wealth felt superficial and that this was disappointing to her, as she felt that I wasn’t honoring my true gift – which is to take people through deep processes that create transformation in their lives.

wealthI thanked her for her honesty and for caring enough to give me the feedback as it gave me the opportunity to see that she, like so many people, see the word “wealth” and think only “money”. She conceded that for her that was true.
We discussed the fact that while wealth does include having money, it is way more than that and that this is a part of what we will be exploring and getting clarity on during the retreat. This is exactly why it is integral to step away and get clear on what you are creating in your life and business -and more importantly, WHY.
I totally understood her personal pushback against the concept of wealth (given that she only associated the word wealth with money – lots of money!) and also because she had recently experienced a life threatening health issue by “being so externally focused” (on making the money) that she felt she had compromised her health and her happiness.

I have done that myself. That’s why I am so passionate about creating the opportunity for people to stop, step away, and take stock. Get clear about what really matters to you and what you truly desire to create. To identify the beliefs that limit your choices and actions every day – and change them. If you’re ready to do that you can check out my upcoming retreat here.
I know it’s possible to do that. I’ve done it and I’ve helped hundreds of people to do it too. You may have to overcome some resistance. After all, there is a part of you that is very comfortable, or at least feels safe in the discomfort, of the known (where you are now).
That’s what was showing up for my client – resistance – and if we hadn’t had the conversation and explored her resistance to coming to the retreat, we may not have gotten to a core belief that is not serving her. This belief that “being focused on making money makes you unhappy and sick” has stopped her from moving forward with setting up her new business. It triggered a fear that she would get sick again if she restarted her career. It has kept her stuck!

So my question for you today is this: What does a wealthy life look like for you?
Have you taken the time to explore that for yourself?  Are you aware of the beliefs you have that are limiting your potential?


Life is an amazing gift. Your Divine birthright is abundance! If that is not your experience, then there is something that’s blocking that. Schedule a complimentary 30 min discovery session with me and let’s explore how I can help you.
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