Fear to fuel quote

Most of us are taught that being a strong, successful person means that you don’t entertain fear and you certainly don’t show it.

Probably because wallowing in it can be draining and can rob us of our joy, self confidence, energy and our power. I know this to be true as I lived with anxiety (fear) for the first 30+ years of my life. I did not know it was my normal state until I experienced NOT having it for the first time when I was in my 30’s!

The interesting thing is that when I was younger the fear didn’t stop me. Rather, it was the fuel that caused me to step out and accomplish so many amazing things in my life!

However, as I got older, it began taking a toll on my nervous system, my health and my sense of well-being. I got to a point of diminishing returns where it was depleting me more than it was driving me.

Something had to shift

My search took me on a journey into changing my relationship with fear. What I now realize was a journey into love. I began to do things for the joy of it. Not for the fear of it.

For so many of us a low level anxiety is our normal state of being. We don’t know who we would be, or what would motivate us if we didn’t have it. It is the result of living in a world where fear is used to drive us.

Do you know that fear, like all emotions (e-motions) is just energy?

It can be channeled. Directed. Consciously. Powerfully. It can be used as fuel. Bio fuel, just like cow manure and chicken shit. 🙂

“Fear is like an ocean wave: you can get caught in it, be thrown around and smashed by it, OR you can ride it to the shore” ~ Helen MacMillan

I’m on a mission to help people change their relationship with fear.
Why? Because I see where so many people are enslaved by their fears.

I’m on a personal mission to liberate as many people as possible. To help them live in juicy-joy. Because happy people make a happy world. And I want to live in a happy world.

My intuitive gifts are both a blessing and a curse, allowing me to see beyond the veils, the masks, that most people wear and to feel the dissonance between what they feel and what they say. As an empath, I can feel the feelings you hide from. The lies you tell yourself, feel heavy.
On the bright side, it does compel me to be more focused on amplifying my own juicy- joy and helping you to liberate yours.

So how do you change your relationship with fear?
Step 1: Feel it.
“What you won’t be with, won’t let you be”.
Be willing to acknowledge and feel your fear fully. What sensations does it create in your body? How intense is it? Drop in fully and feel it and see what happens.

Step 2: Embrace it.
The antidote for fear is love and love embraces. Welcoming the fear allows you to feel it fully. To look at it through the eyes of truth. Most fear is false evidence appearing real. Don’t be afraid to question your fearful thoughts. Shine the light of truth on it by simply asking: “Is this true?”.

Step 3: Accept it.
Acceptance releases the judgement. It keeps things in flow so you don’t get stuck. Accept the gift the fear is bringing you. The gift of awareness of the error thinking (the limiting beliefs that drive the fear).

Step 4: Release it.                                                                                                                         This is an act of active allowing. It is an act of love. To let go and trust. To feel the fear and take action in the direction of your dreams and desires anyway.

It is easier to take action when you choose to focus on what’s beyond the fear. How will you feel when you have accomplished or achieved the thing you are desiring? Feel the sense of accomplishment, the joy, the relief, the relaxation, the peace, the excitement. Feel it now in your body and your mind. Take a moment right now and feel that.

Practice tapping into this feeling every day!

Want to feel (live) the freedom that comes with embracing your whole self? Finding and trusting your truth and living from a place of authentic power? Creating financial and personal freedom? Mastering your mind and your emotions? Come play with me and I’ll show you how!

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