Creating a sacred space and spiritual practice can make the difference between a mediocre day and a day filled with intention and positivity.

A life that is guided by spirit comes from regular practice. A spiritual practice requires time, discipline and love. A daily ritual grounds us and allows us to align our actions with our deepest purpose.

Just like you can’t be an Olympic champion without daily practice and training, you can’t cultivate a spiritual practice without carving time out of each day to commune with your Higher Self. Each of us needs to create space in our life for our daily spiritual practice, whatever you decide that should be. Many courageous women choose yoga, meditation, prayer, energy work, journaling and self-inquiry as the foundation of a spiritual practice.

Here are 7 simple ways to begin cultivating a spiritual practice.

  1.    Make It A Priority

The best time for a spiritual practice is first thing in the morning, when each day is fresh and new. What we do first thing impacts how we experience the rest of our day. This is when you’re most vulnerable and receptive, so take some time to put yourself in your own sacred space when you can relax, take off your external masks and rest in your primordial nature. Your daily practice is precious; it’s what ignites our inner desires and passions to live fully throughout the day ahead.

  1.   Connect Through Your Breath

Your breath is a powerful way to connect spiritually. Sit with yourself and close your eyes. Watch and focus on your breath. Every time your mind starts to chatter about things you need to do, or what happened yesterday, or worries about the future, just keep bringing your focus back to your breath. Don’t judge yourself. Create awareness in your mind by just watching and witnessing yourself. Remind yourself that the key to happiness and peace is not something external, but being fully present in the moment.

  1.    Read

Read inspirational books that nourish your soul. While our transformation needs to be based in our experience, part of our growth happens from learning from a spiritual guide and others on the path. Your spirit will guide you to the right books or writings you need to read for your spiritual growth right now. Listen and trust your Higher Self.

  1.    Journal

Journaling is a powerful tool for inner reflection. Regular writing has immense mental and emotional health benefits. Journaling gives you the space to express your creativity and helps you see opportunities that might not have been apparent before. Research shows that regular journaling helps you learn to process and communicate complex ideas more effectively. You don’t have to write in a paper journal either. There are wonderful apps out there you can use, such as Day One, Red Notebook or Penzu.

  1.    Move

When you move your body, you increase the flow of blood, energy. When I was younger, I had a crazy work schedule and if something got pushed off the schedule, it was my exercise or yoga class. Boy, was that a disservice to myself! Now, my morning walk or yoga practice is a precious time of day for me. It helps me experience deep peace in my mind and body.

If yoga doesn’t speak to you, try other forms of movement, such as dance, bicycling, hiking or a fitness routine. Do whatever makes you feel good. The idea is to release tension and increase the connection you feel to your body.

  1.    Align with other like-minded people

When you make a deep commitment to be on a spiritual path, you need to find others who have the same mindset. Your current friends and family may not understand what you’re trying to achieve, and may distract you. This is where a yoga studio or meditation group may be a good fit. You may just find others on the same path as you to connect with. You need a mentor and a tribe to guide you through your journey.

  1.    Step out of your comfort zone

It’s actually exhausting to resist our own growth. When something in your life needs to change, be explored, expanded and/or released, it can feel painful. The pain is designed to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and make the change(s).

Once you do, you will be amazed at the love, connection, joy and freedom that you experience. A whole new world will open up for you. You may begin to have creative desires you never knew you had, or feel the freedom to face your fears and do something you’ve been afraid to do. Stay open and let the magic of making quantum leaps of faith by shifting your pain to peace and stress to joyful success.

A simple spiritual practice can be powerful and enriching. Whether you are just starting out, or have been on this path for a while, these few simple tips are the basics you can always return to when you need the love and guidance that our Higher Self so freely gives. These spiritual practices are a part of my daily practice, and I hope they will become part of yours too.

In what ways do you cultivate a spiritual practice? Please share with other courageous women in the comments below.

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  • Gwendolyn Knowles says:

    Good Morning 🌞
    All is true above. Putting into practice is a challenge for me.

    • Helen MacMillan says:

      Yes Gwen, That’s why having some kind of accountability like being part of a group or program that will help you stay focused until it becomes a well ingrained habit.

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