Acknowledgement Vs. Acceptance

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You’ve probably heard me talk about the ‘H’ in the SHIFT process being ‘to Honor’ – which is to acknowledge what is, without judgement.  Acknowledging where you are and how you feel is a key action in the process of making a shift /change. For your GPS to guide you to where you want to go, you have to enter a starting point or give it permission to access where you are starting from.  The gap you desire to bridge,…

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Wielding Her Power

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She’s been waiting all day. They need another CT Scan to determine the cause of her difficulty breathing. It’s tiring. Waiting… Struggling to breathe…The pain and discomfort. When it’s finally her turn, she says “No. I’m too tired. Too uncomfortable. In too much pain. Take me back to my room”. “We’ll try again tomorrow”, they say. Tomorrow is a no go too. The next day they successfully accomplish their goal. And then she informs them: “No more. No more tests….

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What’s the TRUE Source of your Pain?

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A client and her husband were going through a messy patch in their 30+ yr marriage. He had recently asked for a divorce, rented another place to live but had only spent two nights away from their home since doing so 3 months prior. Although she was happy he was home every night, there was no real intimacy between them and it felt as though they were stuck in purgatory, with the real issues unspoken and unresolved. She was frustrated and…

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The Power of Self-Care

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What is self care? It is caring for yourself deeply and deliberately. It is taking care of yourself by making choices and decisions that honor and reflect the true nature of your soul. It’s about recognizing and meeting your own desires. It’s about being conscious and authentic in speaking your truth and making choices from a place of love and compassion instead of guilt and obligation. Unfortunately, It is not a concept that has been modeled very well, if at…

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Follow Your Inspiration, hit the JACKPOT!!

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One Febuary morning a few years ago I had an urge to change the decor in my office. I felt like I wanted more color in the space and the accumulated clutter was starting to annoy me. It was just a niggling thought that crossed my mind like a whisper in the wind. You know, one of those “I should really…” thoughts that don’t feel urgent so they go unaddressed. Then, towards the end of April, I was at a…

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The Things We Run From

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Have you ever noticed how much time and money we spend distracting ourselves? The multi-billion dollar “entertainment industry” solely exists to cater to this desire. God forbid we should feel bored, disappointed, confused, angry, sad, afraid, or overwhelmed (which is simply a cluster of unidentified emotions).  In the space of ‘doing nothing’ we are confronted with our thoughts and emotions and our unwillingness to be with them. It can be downright scary to sit with or face the aspects ourselves…

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Finding your Joy, when ‘the going gets tough’

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I’m here in California snuggling with my 3 month old grand daughter, Emilia. As I sink my nose into her neck, deeply inhaling that oh-so-sweet baby smell, I am deeply grateful to finally hold her in my arms. My heart is filled with joy! It was a 5 hour plane ride to get here. Traveling in the “time of Covid” is quite an adventure.  Like every great adventure: It involves taking risks; opening yourself up to new experiences and possibilities,…

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The Power Of Focus

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By Matthew Gordon-Martin Focus is a word that I’ve heard constantly since the age of 5. If you are like me and have an inner rebellious spirit, then it is the word that you’ve deviously made your enemy. If not, then its the word you’ve been playing with off and on, maybe as a friend who you engage with whenever it suits you but not a best friend who’s integrated into all aspects of your life. I was taught that focus…

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Searching for Clarity? Change Your Scenery!

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By Brandon Clarkson of Helen MacMillan Coaching We’ve all got to that point before, that realization that things feel stagnant, unmoving, unchanging. Nothing feels inspiring – with your motivation and energy levels suffering as a result and it’s usually a creative’s biggest roadblock. I’ve personally felt like it for weeks, maybe even months. As soon as Covid hung up its coat and promised that it was here to stay, I could feel all the energy I had for life slowly…

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The Power of Clarity

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When life gets blurry, we have to adjust our focus. Clarity is the act of refining your focus in order to determine your next steps and ensure they take you where you want to go. Clarity isn’t necessarily certainty, it’s the complete knowledge of what is in the present. Your intentions for every aspect of your life — from relationships to careers — are more profoundly molded based on just how clear you are with what YOU want! So, how…

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