Follow Your Inspiration, hit the JACKPOT!!

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One Febuary morning a few years ago I had an urge to change the decor in my office. I felt like I wanted more color in the space and the accumulated clutter was starting to annoy me. It was just a niggling thought that crossed my mind like a whisper in the wind. You know, one of those “I should really…” thoughts that don’t feel urgent so they go unaddressed. Then, towards the end of April, I was at a…

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The Power Of Gratitude

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The Thanksgiving holiday that we celebrate here in the USA this week is all about consciously taking time to appreciate all that you have – especially the relationships with the people in your life. I have had a daily gratitude practice for many years now. At times it has fallen by the wayside as I have taken it for granted – as we sometimes do with the things (and people) that are most familiar to us. I am grateful when…

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Blowing The Doors Off My Story

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Blowing the doors off my story! A cousin of mine posted a picture of my siblings and a group of cousins from our childhood that I had never seen before on FB. My sister and I were in the center, “dressed to the nines” in dresses with matching stockings (who wears stockings in the Jamaican heat? 😄). I even had a purse in my hand! My response to seeing the picture was one of pure shock! It BLEW the lid…

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