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The Power of Clarity

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When life gets blurry, we have to adjust our focus. Clarity is the act of refining your focus in order to determine your next steps and ensure they take you where you want to go. Clarity isn’t necessarily certainty, it’s the complete knowledge of what is in the present. Your intentions for every aspect of your life — from relationships to careers — are more profoundly molded based on just how clear you are with what YOU want!

So, how do you get clarity when you feel like you’re lacking it?

The answer lies within you

Acknowledging where you are and getting curious about it — without judgement  — allows you to accept where you are and decide if it still works for you.  Honoring this place without judgement makes it much easier to identify what you want or desire.  Because we so often judge our situation — we feel guilt, shame, or blame.

When you choose curiosity, you see the situation for what it is and more easily identify why you are in the position you are — you can then decide if it is working for you.   Then you can “feel all the feels” (So often, we suppress our feelings and become disconnected from our true desires.) These feelings help to focus you on what you want more of instead of what you don’t want. 

It is so easy to identify what we don’t want — and so if you  find yourself doing this, start with identifying the opposite of what you don’t want.   For example, I don’t want to feel chaotic becomes I want to feel calm and organized.  If it doesn’t quite match up you can tweak but this simple change of focus really helps you get clear on what you want and you can refine as you go.

Once you have identified what you want — you can then focus on what steps you can take to have what it is you want. Focusing on how it feels helps to create the vision of where you want to go.  Once you have done this it is so much easier to communicate clearly to yourself  and others others what it is you desire.

To get really clear, you must ask yourself, “What is my intention here, What’s my purpose?”. The moment you get clear about your intentions, it’s easier to see the actionable steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. When you focus on your intentions, it creates confidence in how you show up.

Clarity can be infectious 

Your intentions and clarity can inspire others around you to focus on their own, whether this be in professional positions, goals or relationships.

Obtaining clarity is a process that requires a level of commitment and an understanding of yourself; knowing your desires and who you are. There are many ways to increase this self awareness and here are are three that we recommend:


Incorporating a short daily meditation practice into your daily routine has many benefits. At Helen MacMillan Coaching, we highly encourage meditation as it helps to balance out the body’s systems, calm the mind, promote increased relaxation, clarity of thought and reconnecting to your true desires.

Doing More Of What You Love

Doing more of what you love allows you to fully experience life. It helps us to see what we enjoy, so we can feel more of what we love in new experiences. When you better understand what you love to do, you have a clearer idea of what you don’t enjoy — this gives you clarity on how to create more of what you want.

Create a Life Manifesto

Taking the time to write out your life goals (both big and small) is a powerful way to get clear. When you clearly articulate your desires, intentions and goals, it’s easier to communicate them to others and for you to recognize when you have accomplished them. When you are in the zone of ‘this is what I want’ it makes it easier to attract it or create it.

Clarity is truly the starting point for improving any aspect of your life. 

When you are clear about what you truly want, it’s much easier to stay inspired and in action. When life gets stressful and uncertain, it’s easy to lose focus and clarity around where you are going and why. So, we recommend taking the time to revisit your intentions regularly to see if they are still aligned with your current goals and desires. This clarity will help you determine what your next steps need to be and if you need to make any adjustments.

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