The path of awakening is not about become who you are. Rather, it is about unbecoming who you are not. ~ Albert Schweitzer

There is rapid change happening in our world today.

We live in a time of change like the world has never seen before. More and more people are becoming conscious of spiritual matters and are awakening to the need for change on a global scale.

Many aspire to take back their lives and escape the models of living that society constantly dictates through television, magazines, movies, social identification and all kinds of meaningless clichés. Instead, we want to experience a life full of happiness and joy because we are living life on our own terms – the life we want to live.

When you are ready to receive the truth and fully embrace yourself on all levels, your consciousness grows, your interests evolve and the meaning of life changes because you are seeing things through a new set of eyes – the eyes of your spirit. You will experience new aspirations and inspirations; you will want to embrace change in yourself as you also desire to change the world around you.

When we experience a spiritual awakening, we literally wake up to life in a new way. Spiritual awakenings occur as a natural product of the maturity of our soul. The more you connect with your spirit, the more you experience transformation. The more you come into alignment with yourself, the more you allow true, lasting joy to flow through you. You experience peace, fulfillment, freedom and love.

There are common traits people experience when they are in the midst of a spiritual awakening. Read on to determine if your spirit is in the midst of a transformation.

  1. Something significant has changed inside of you

You can’t quite explain it – but you know you feel different. You are attracted to the truth in all forms. You are ready to be transparent, even though transparency may still scare you. You are ready to fling off the mask and throw away the blinders that have held you back for so long. Everything in life looks different simply because you are looking at things with new eyes.

  1. Awareness of your old, negative habits

When you are waking up spiritually, you are suddenly aware of everything that wasn’t right in your “old life.” You no longer want to do those old things because they don’t work for you anymore. You are ready to change your thinking patterns and you never want to go back because you are thrilled with your new discoveries. You experience a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness because you know you are coming into alignment with your true self, getting closer to your truth. You experience a new sense of purpose and energy that grows with momentum every day.

  1. Uncomfortable with the people you used to hang out with

The more you come into alignment with yourself, you feel a need to spend time alone or make new friends that are more in sync with your new self. Spiritual evolution can be a painful process and not everyone will evolve with you at the same speed. You might even feel a little guilty about not wanting to spend as much time with your old friends and family members. You experience a “gap” between you and them that seems to widen on a daily basis. As your vibration becomes higher, you feel drained when you are around certain people. You would prefer to be alone than to feel drained by negative people. You seek out soul to soul connections, others who are on the same vibration wavelength as yourself. It’s a heart and soul connection that is less likely to be ruled by your ego.

  1. Attraction to authenticity

When you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, you will no longer be attracted to many of the same things, especially if they are superficial in nature. Instead, you seek out authenticity in all it’s forms. You embark on a quest to experience authentic, simple, real things. You must listen to your heart. The more you grow spiritually, the more you will be attracted to authenticity and the less you will be attracted to dishonesty, illusion and hypocrisy.

  1. Deep compassion for others

When we suddenly “see” and “feel” things on a new level, we may develop a new feeling of love and compassion for all living beings, especially those who suffer. Taking care of your own well-being is not enough; you may experience an overwhelming need to care for others. You may experience a strong desire to work towards ending so much suffering in the world.

  1. Yearning for meaning and purpose

When we realized the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, suddenly life takes on a whole new meaning. When we come into alignment with our true nature, we understand that we have a purpose in life. We feel that we MUST fulfill our true purpose and we begin to make shifts in our life that brings us into alignment with our purpose.

  1. Hypersensitivity

When we become spiritually awake, we have a new awareness of our senses. This applies not only to our physical senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell), but also our spiritual senses (intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration). You will gain an awareness of your intuition as a spiritual guide as you learn how to listen to it. You understand more and more that your emotions are the compass your spirit uses to guide you, and you gain an appreciation and love for your intuition more every day.

  1. Inspired creativity

When you awaken spiritually, you suddenly receive images, ideas, music and other creative inspiration. You feel the deep fire of enthusiasm for expressing your creativity. Life takes on new meaning because when you create, you feel alive. You feel called to manifest your purpose in life because now you see a clear path for how to manifest it. Click here to learn more about the connection between creativity and spirituality. 

  1. Desire to be genuine and transparent

When you awaken to your spiritual nature, you no longer wish to be defined by society or others any longer. You are tired of wearing the mask of what others expect from you. You want to know fully who you are and you want to finally be yourself. You no longer wish to keep the illusion of society anymore; now you want to see everything through the filter of your own heart and soul. You are ready to be happy, free and light in your heart, never again living in the shadow of the expectations of others.

  1. More occurrences of synchronicity

The more you grow spiritually, the more your vibrational energy expands, and suddenly you are aware of how well everything fits together. The more you experience positive energy, the more you attract positive circumstances in your life. The more you are connected with your higher consciousness, the more you receive “signs” or “messages” from your spirit. These “signs” and “inspirations” are “in sync” with your everyday activities and things feel “right” in your world.

  1. Attraction to healthy living

When you come into alignment spiritually, you are naturally attracted living a healthy life. You want to take care of your body more than ever so that you can fulfill your true purpose. Now you want to change your approach to food and lifestyle to one that helps you heal from disease and restore your body’s healthy state. You may experience a desire to:

  • No longer eat foods that contain chemicals (preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring)
  • No longer eat animal products
  • No longer eat processed or “junk” foods
  • Incorporate healthy and enjoyable ways to exercise
  • Drink plenty of pure, filtered water
  • Follow a bedtime ritual and get adequate amounts of sleep
  • Unplug from devices more often
  • Eat and drink a balanced, locally-sourced, organic diet, full of green, leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, other vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, sprouts and legumes, fruit and clean water
  • Eating only when hungry and stopping when you are satisfied
  • Eating slowly and without distraction
  • Stay active
  • Focus on being happy
  • Relieve stress
  • No longer worry
  • Practice meditation, even if it is for just one minute a day
  • Find someone that can help you work through challenges and overcome road blocks, someone that is already living the life you desire and can mentor you to success
  1. Make decisions based on love and not fear

When you awaken spiritually, you realize the role of your emotions is indicate the vibration you are holding. A negative emotion is an indicator of a negative vibration. For example, worry would be considered a negative vibration. Since we create our reality based on our thoughts, and we attract that which we give our attention to, it is important that we make our decisions based on love and trust and move away from fear.

  1. Lose interest in conflict

When we have a strong sense of inner peace, we no longer wish to be in conflict with ourselves or others. You will seek inner peace and deep serenity. When confronted with conflict, we seek peaceful ways to resolve the conflict.

  1. Release judgment

When you are spiritually awake, you are hyper-aware of the interconnectedness of all beings. You no longer wish to stand in judgment of others. You seek lightness of being, peace, love, compassion for others and life in general.

  1. Willingness to love and give without expectation

You heart and your soul are fulfilled when you are of service to yourself and others. You no longer seek external gratification; you look for opportunities to give love to others freely.

  1. Strong connection to everyone and everything

You are now experiencing the interconnectedness of being alive in the universe. You feel that you are one with all living beings and nature. You understand the impact of each and every one of your words, thoughts and actions on the rest of creation. You now desire to have a positive impact because you understand your connection to others.

  1. Feelings of bliss

Your new state of being, that of being awakened spiritually, generates a deep sense of satisfaction and bliss. You feel love towards life; you experience gratitude, joy and enthusiasm for no apparent reason. Simple things now look extraordinary; you feel delight in the small wonders of life.

Sometimes, these new thoughts, feelings and experiences can be overwhelming; you might feel alone and even a little bit depressed at times. 

But you most definitely are not alone.

There are many people who are on the same journey as yourself, many resources to help you through this part of your life. If you identify yourself in these symptoms, the best advice I can give you is find others who are on the same path. Learn how to treat yourself with love and compassion. Learn how to take care of yourself and, in so doing, you’ll find it’s easier to genuinely care for others.

Do you recognize yourself in these signs of a spiritual awakening? Please share your experience with the rest of the Helen Macmillan Coaching community below.


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