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The Black Lotus Flower

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I was recently participating in a guided visualization exercise, led by my friend Lisa Berkovitz, intended to energize and amplify the actualization of an intention.

After choosing a specific intention, Lisa took us through a quick process to connect with our higher selves. Then we imagined ourselves standing in a column of golden light with our palms cupped to receive a symbol from Source that would serve to amplify our intentions.

As I looked down, a black lotus flower appeared in my hands!
I was curious: “Hmm, what does this mean?”

My mind started to reason it out: “The lotus flower is usually associated with the crown chakra, spirituality, peace and tranquility.” (All “good” things) How exciting!
But, the color black is usually associated with “darkness” and “evil” (“bad”). My body tensed in resistance.

My mind automatically went into judgement: “There are no black lotus flowers!”

Feeling the inner conflict, I took a breath and decided to surrender and trust the process. “Maybe there was a black lotus flower.”

I turned my attention back to what Lisa was saying just in time to hear her say: “Now release your symbol up into the column of light and allow the Universe to amplify your intention.”

UP? My black lotus flower didn’t want to go up! It wanted to go down AND up!

Part of me wanted to follow the instructions and get it “right”, which caused another moment of internal struggle. Again, I surrendered and allowed myself to have my own experience.
(BTW, when I listened to it again the next day, she actually had said up, down, or up and down – I had just missed when she said that)

It’s interesting how often I experience internal struggle and conflict. (It’s also interesting how much of what I think I heard isn’t actually what was said) Lol!
I know I’m not alone here.

We feel conflicted about what we “should” do and what we actually want to do.
We struggle between what we are taught is “right” and what feels right to us (vs what we were taught is “wrong” or “bad”).
Our primitive brains are hard-wired to go with the herd, so we resist being different. We want to fit in. Yet, ironically, every one of us is unique. Different.

What if living in alignment with your purpose – Your Divine Design- requires you to be your unique (different) self?

There is nothing more frustrating than continually FAILING at trying to be like someone else.
There is nothing more UNFULFILLING than trying to be a version of someone you admire.
There is nothing more HEARTBREAKING than loving, and valuing others more than yourself.

So here is a pretty radical idea for you…

What if you couldn’t get anything “wrong”?
What if you couldn’t fuck-up this thing called life?
What if you practiced radical self acceptance and self love. No. Matter. What.
How much inner conflict, guilt, self recrimination and criticism would that eradicate?!!

I bet we would spend more time catching ourselves doing things “right”; accepting ourselves; and figuring out how any situation we find ourselves in is here to serve us.

Heck, we would probably get EXCITED when a challenge appears because we would know it presents and OPPORTUNITY to experience something new, learn something; see something from a different perspective or hone a skill.

Anyhoo, back to the Black Lotus Flower story….

I immediately went to my trusted friend google to see if the black lotus flower was indeed a thing and here’s what I found:

“It is a fictional flower found in the card game ‘Magic the Gathering’ and is considered to be one of the most powerful cards.”

“The Black Lotus Flower symbolizes rebellion against everything that is ordinary, aggression directed towards everything that is sacred and death that comes at the end”

“Black represents the absence of color and darkness in general. It is a symbol of authority and power, rebellion, sophistication and death.”

I smiled, recognizing why my Higher Self had gifted me with this particular symbol.

My intention was around the next iteration of our SHIFT Breakthrough Intensives, so yes, there is plenty of magic that happens when we gather.

The Black lotus symbol signifies to me the extraordinary work we do – helping people recognize and let go of the limiting beliefs and behaviors they often hold “sacred” as they are so much a part of who they have been led to believe themselves to be – so that they can take back their power of choice and show up as their most authentic selves.

These limiting ways of thinking and being must die in order to give birth to a more powerful, authentic version of ourselves.

My belief – and the overarching message that I am here to share – that WE are God/Divine/Source embodied, can seem ‘blasphemous’ from the perspective of the more traditional religious thinking that God is “out there” or “up there” (which creates a separation and diminishes our power and sovereign authority to create as we desire).

I truly believe that we are the gift we came to give the world, so it is vital that we do the work of unveiling ourselves – removing the layers of masks we have developed to hide and protect us, which now makes us unrecognizable to our ideal partners, lovers, friends, clients, etc.

If you are desiring to live a more empowered, joyful, meaningful life…
If you’re ready to do the work of stripping away the layers of conditioning so you can show up and shine as the most authentic, powerful, fulfilled version of you…

If you’d like to define and create success that is meaningful to you…

I’d like to invite you to have a conversation about working with me 1:1.  Click here for more information.

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