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How to Get Your Business The Attention (and money) It Deserves 

Todays post is a guest post by creative muse, copywriter and writer Giovanna Marcus

Q: How do you get that stratospheric leap you’ve been wanting?

A: Stand out in your marketing!

It’s no secret that putting out attention-grabbing, crave-worthy, and consistent content is the way to build your sphere of raving fans (just like a home cooked meal is the way to my heart).

But before you get to the point, there are a few things that may be standing in the way.

Below are 3 must-haves to get your audience excited about you—and just as importantly, for YOU to get excited about your marketing.

#1 Find The Courage To Be A No Holds Barred Truth-teller.

Maybe you’re a talented photographer who feels nervous to send out emails because you “don’t want to bother people” (so you put off writing your newsletter until, well…never).

If you relate, there are reasons why writing your copy feels more painful than a shark bite, completely inauthentic, or takes all the live-long day.

The most powerful antidote is to become aware that somewhere along the line you’ve gotten the message that you shouldn’t be stand out and be big.

Think about where you’ve gotten these negative messages. Notice when they float through your thoughts, take out an imaginary net, and catch them. Then release.

Because they’re not just toxic for you—they’re keeping your brilliance from the world.

#2 Get Clear On Your Mission

Marketing gets a bad rap. That’s because many people make the mistake of thinking it’s the equivalent of standing there, screaming “give me money!”

But in reality, you know you’re not just out there to make money—you’re here to help.

Take a moment to step back and refocus on your big “why”. Get reared up and excited about what’s really at stake. Think about what wonderful things will happen for those who join you.

When you think bigger, that once piece of the pie—your copy—suddenly has global ramifications.

#3 Your Greatest Content Is Right In Front Of You

Many business owners stall out here because they don’t know what to write about.

Here’s how to cut to the core to come up with useful, click-worthy content:

I consider what I put out in my newsletter or social media as a living, breathing creature. My “list” isn’t just a data base of names; it’s a real community.

One thing you can do is put out a poll and say that you want to know what they most need right now so that you can customize some new articles just for them.

You can also keep a document on your desktop where you make note of problems people cite in your sales calls, as well as keep a list of the questions you hear again and again.

Then, write about those things with your best, most helpful self. Don’t worry about giving too much away. You want to establish yourself as someone who is generous as a giver of free content, and deeply transformative for those who work with you in a paid capacity.

Write It And They Will Come

Taking these steps in your copy isn’t just good for your customers, it’s good for you.

When you break free and go bigger, when you say the things that no one else is saying, when you get vulnerable and get real…you have an internal shift.

The results? (Besides standing in your power, as if that weren’t enough!)

Is a group of people who pay attention to what you put out in the world.

And yup, all these things inevitably translate into more money for your bottom line. Now that’s my kind of icing on the cake!

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