Many people today are looking for an approach to healing that integrates their body, mind and spirit. Intuitively, most of us recognize that there is some type of connection between our body, mind and spirit. But we might not understand the profound impact this has on our lives.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The concept of mind-body-spirit connection is simply this: We are whole beings and when one part of us experiences something, the other parts will be impacted in some way as well.

Traditional Healing Modes

While Western medicine should be lauded for its scientific approach to understanding and healing the physical body, in many ways its approach is one-dimensional, treating health problems as isolated conditions instead of recognizing and treating a person’s mind and spirit as well as their body.

Increasingly, we are recognizing that health involves more than the physical body. Taking pills everyday may effectively manage symptoms, but is not likely to really heal us. Our emotions and relationships affect our health and well-being in profound ways that we may not be in touch with.

Traditional medical clinics focus primarily on our physical illnesses. Our minds and spirits must be attended to as much as our blood pressure, blood sugar and other ailing biomarkers. Holistic healing is designed to address the root cause of the dis-ease, support total healing and restore balance to the person’s whole being.

Defining and Healing the Mind – Body – Spirit

The Body

Our bodies are the physical manifestation of us as human beings. The body is organized into tissue, bones and organs. It is self-regulating – meaning it has the intelligence to repair and maintain itself until it is out of balance. Healing of the body includes scientific medical diagnosis and treatment, nutritional support, regular, daily exercise and various modalities of so-called “alternative healing” can also be a crucial part of healing the body.

The Mind

The mind is the mental and emotional aspect of our being. The mind creates and processes thoughts and ideas as well as feelings and emotions. The mind includes our consciousness, memories and imagination. Healing of the mind includes individual psychology/therapy sessions, group psychology/therapy sessions, energy therapy and recovery coaching. A daily practice in mindfulness and other forms of meditation will also support healing of the mind. Understanding issues you are dealing with through education and coaching will help you better understand the “why” of what you are experiencing and will give you tools for success.

The Spirit

Your spirit is the energetic part of you, the part that is connected to the universe as a whole. Spiritual counseling, energy work, rites of passage, breathwork, ceremony and other community activities help us heal on the spiritual level. Some traditions include shamanic healing as an essential part of spiritual healing.

Integration of the Mind-Body-Spirit

The mind, body and spirit are the parts of us that collectively define us as a human being. If we are sick or suffering in some way, we must work holistically to heal. If we do not, we are missing an invaluable opportunity to heal and grow and, in all likelihood, will never reach our potential for wellness and vitality. If we do not consider the whole being when healing, we will most likely be spinning our wheels trying to alleviate symptoms but not addressing the root cause of the problem or pain.

Holistic Healing

The only way to truly heal ourselves is through an integrated, holistic approach to healing that addresses our spiritual, physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

As a spiritual healer, I believe that the path to healing is to trust that every experience is an opportunity to experience, learn, practice (strengthen) or heal something.

Choosing this (healing) perspective creates a path to a new way of thinking and being. We relax into our pain and circumstances instead of fighting against them. This new perspective helps us move through our healing process without feeling stuck or get worn down from struggling.

Investing in integrated, holistic healing is an investment in yourself that yields exponential returns.

For years, I’ve been helping people heal holistically. To step away from the busy-ness of life and make time to listen to themselves, to make a shift, to heal from the inside out.

And now, I’m offering an opportunity for you to heal by bringing yourself into alignment. When you align yourself with your true purpose and truth, you will find healing on all levels.

I invite you to join me and a small group of committed, heroic seekers – like yourself – to take the daring journey of healing by coming into alignment and amplification. The work we do together feels like magic. But it isn’t magic. It’s transformational.

Align & Amplify Your Power, Presence & Profitability is a rare opportunity to work with me in a small group setting, thereby amplifying your transformation through the power of the group.

Be supported in your life-changing quantum leaps of faith; surround yourself with people who will support your mind shifts vibrationally.

WARNING: There are a limited number of slots that are filling up fast!


Dates:  Friday, September 28 & Saturday September 29, 2018

Time:   9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST

Location:   Hampton Inn & Suites, Columbia, MD (Balt/Wash DC area)

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