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The Freedom Tools – EFT

By February 13, 2019 No Comments

I love tapping! (Emotional Freedom Technique) it is one of the ‘freedom tools’ I use and teach to my clients. Here’s an example of why I love it.

I have been soooo resistant to doing the writing necessary to complete my book. I’ve been feeling increasingly frustrated at my lack of action around it which means I’m out of integrity which takes me into self judgement. Ugh!

This morning I used the tapping solution app to tap on my resistance to writing. I realized (while tapping)  when and why I had lost my momentum in working on the book.

Last December I was getting up early each day and sitting in the sun room to write for a few hours, moving consistently towards my self imposed deadline of having the book completed by Dec 31st.

One morning my husband came down and sat beside me while I was writing. He glanced at the computer screen and made a simple comment: “You can’t start a sentence with the word And or Because!”.

My reaction was swift and harsh. “It’s my fucking book and I can say whatever I want, however I want to say it!”.

“Alrighty then!” He said as he moved away to make his coffee in the kitchen. I continued to write, not knowing how that one comment had triggered something deep within me.

This book is my perspective on pain gained from decades of helping people heal their physical and emotional pain both as a former Physical Therapist and now as a Life Coach and Intuitive Healer. Some people may find it controversial. It also contains stories that reveal my own personal pain.

In tapping on my resistance to writing this morning, I realized that I am afraid of people’s judgement of what I have to say or – like my husbands comment – how I choose to say it.

And, while I am privy to my husbands “judgement/criticism”, I won’t know what other peoples are when they read the book. What will they think of me? Will they think I’m a flake? Will they think it’s stupid? Irrelevant?

Wow. These not so subtle yet unconscious fears were behind me not prioritizing the time to complete the  book. They were creating an internal resistance to working on it and making it feel like hard work. No wonder I wasn’t prioritizing getting it done!

The tapping not only helped to calm my nervous system, it brought the memory and awareness around the fears to the surface and gave me insight into what was really behind my lack of motivation to complete the book.

Now I am free to address them and complete the project! (Right after I tap on releasing the fear of what other people think of me 😄)

I love tapping! Have you tried it? I’d love to hear what your experiences have been with it. Leave a comment below.

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