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The Power Of Changing Your Mind

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Did you see the movie “Fences”? I loved it! It is based on a powerful play by August Wilson. I loved that even though it was a movie, I felt like I was watching a play. No cinematic fluff. I loved that the filmmaker chose to keep it simple and NOT to use all of the tools available through current technology. It was carried solely on the strength of the brilliant acting (Viola Davis won the academy award for Best…

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THIS Is Why I Meditate!

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 Last week myself, my husband and my youngest son were heading to Jamaica for the weekend to attend my nieces wedding. We had a 7 am flight. It’s always a struggle to get my teenage son out the door that early in the morning, but after much nagging and shouting, we finally made it to the Baltimore airport at 5:30 am. I attempt to get us checked in, while my husband parks the car, but the kiosk keeps spitting out…

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Is The Reward Worth The Effort?

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The end of the year is always a time of reflection and contemplation for me. I look back (with gratitude) at ALL that happened his year – what went well and what didn’t, what happened and what didn’t, what I accomplished and what I didn’t. I think about what I want to continue doing in the coming year, and what I want to do differently. Most importantly, I decide how I want to BE. It is part of being a…

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