“Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak. Sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go.” ~ Author Unknown

Letting go and giving up are two different notions, but all too often we think they mean the same thing.

The dictionary defines letting go as “allowing to escape, to set free” and giving up as “to abandon hope.”

It can be scary to let go, but holding on to ideas, thoughts, feelings, relationships and things that are hurting you in some way can damage you further. Giving up means selling yourself short, especially when there is a bigger opportunity or pay-off waiting for you if you keep pushing a little longer.

Key Difference

The key difference is that giving up limits you from an achievement or opportunity, whereas letting go allows you to open the door to a new possibility.

Letting Go

Letting go means you are freeing yourself from something that is no longer beneficial to you or your personal growth. It could be a person, a relationship or something internally you are struggling with. Letting go starts from the realization that something – or someone – in your life is constricting you in a way that limits your ability to be happy, free and live your purpose in life.

Giving Up

Giving up means you are feeling uncertain. It means you are allowing fear to take hold. It may mean you are experiencing feelings of scarcity, inadequacy and deficiency. Giving up happens when you lose confidence and faith in yourself, your process or your goals. Sometimes giving up means you are not taking care of yourself and so you feel exhausted, depleted and discouraged.

Stepping Into the Void

Many times when I’ve let go, it feels like stepping into the void. Even though I didn’t know when or where or how, I have ALWAYS made it out the other side, and usually with clarity and inspired action. Treat the part of yourself that is feeling afraid with compassion and reassurance. The more you are able to relax and let go, the faster you tend to move through the void to the other side.

Sometimes letting go feels like giving up, but the void that is often created when we let go is who you become as you move through it.

YOU are on a journey of expansion and alignment – and you WILL reap incredible rewards.

I can’t wait to see what emerges from within you as you learn to let go and resist giving up at the same time!


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