I’ve spent the last 2 weeks slowing down.

Coming down off the high of yet another successful transformational event. Facilitating people finding their voices, releasing old limiting beliefs and stepping into new possibilities for themselves. Inviting them to choose from love vs fear and desire vs obligation.

I came to Jamaica to visit with family and sink my energetic roots deep into the country of my birth. I realized many moons ago this is necessary for me to do at regular intervals. It feeds my soul and brings my back into alignment with a deeper part of myself.

Whilst I am here at least once a year, the trips are usually fairly short and with a specific agenda.

This time it’s different.

I came on a one way ticket with no specific agenda or timeline. I’m flowing with the inner prompts from my spirit without questioning or needing to understand the why.

As I do, I have found myself experiencing magical synchronicities: being here to support my Mom through a stressful court case while my older brother is away.  Celebrating my younger brothers 50th birthday. Giving my best friends an opportunity to refocus on play and work/life balance.

And the greatest gift has been for myself. Time. To savor my life and my accomplishments. Delicious, unhurried, self directed time, to slow down and simply savor the moments.

                              1. To taste or smell, especially with pleasure.
                              2. To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish:

I don’t know if it’s the change of environment, the oppressive summer heat (which makes me move slower and drains me by mid afternoon) or the island vibes, but somehow it’s been easier to be in the energy of savoring.

So I’ve been spending time savoring…

Each moment
Each interaction
Each memory that bubbles up as I take spontaneous morning walks through my old stomping grounds and interact with life long friends
Juicy mangoes fresh from the tree
Lazy mornings and afternoons
The sounds of the birds in the trees outside my open window
The sweat, drenching and cooling my body in the unrelenting heat
The conversations with my Mom and my Aunt and Uncle who are visiting also. Conversations that naturally unfold because we are all sitting together enjoying the cool breeze on the patio late into the evening.

The moments that I am conscious will never come again

The life I have created for myself
How far I have come in my inner journey
The gratitude and appreciation in my heart
The peace in my mind

When was the last time you took the time to really savor – i.e. consciously and deliberately enjoy and take pleasure in – your life? Your relationships? Your accomplishments?

It’s totally an inside job. It requires an ability to be present with yourself in each moment without the noisy distraction of self judgement or criticism.

It requires an inner state of self love and acceptance which leads to inner contentment and deep satisfaction – the kind that can only be generated from within.

It requires you to let go of blame, shame, judgment, excuses, comparing yourself (or your life) to others and trying to control everything.

It requires taking the time to listen deeply to your inner promptings and (most importantly) trusting them enough to act on them even when you don’t understand where they are leading you. (I call this “following the breadcrumbs”)

It’s taken me decades of inner work to get here  – and it’s been so worth the investment of my time, energy and money.

It’s also the journey I guide my clients on.

If this is a destination that is appealing to you, and you’re ready to do the work, contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I can help you.

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