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My S.H.I.F.T Breakthrough Intensive Experience

Resistance to change, the one thing we all battle with and have to work through when it comes to facing anything new. Resistance (and with that fear) are inherent traits we’ve maintained from the dawn of the human race to keep us safe.

“Sometimes, even with nothing to lose and everything to gain, we still find ourselves resisting. Humiliation? Self-doubt? What are we really afraid of?” These are the questions I worked through when I chose to participate in a SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive last month.

Going into the intensive, I had no idea what to expect. I was apprehensive, about what I would gain from this 2 day program. Not to mention, highly resistant to sharing what I thought were some of my personal issues, with a group of strangers. Nonetheless, I was asked to set an intention for what I wanted to get out of the 2 days and let go.

The minute I let down my guard, spoke from a place of honest and authenticity, things started shift. My perspectives, my energy, my mindset.

Throughout the SHIFT experience, Helen and Matthew took me beyond my initial intention and helped me identify the deeper issue, something I couldn’t even see.

It’s like they tapped into my soul and helped me identify what my real desires were and are. They saw the parts of me that I couldn’t see for myself — they call these blindspots.

I had gone into the SHIFT Intensive with the intention of wanting a deeper clarity of what I truly desired out of life, when what I needed to do this whole time was to reconnect with myself and get to know the person I am and the person I am destined to be.

This one thing in particular really stuck out for me; learning how to connect deeply with myself. It sounds strange, yet so many of us have yet to tap into our souls and ask ourselves what we really want from life.

Practicing beginner meditation at the Intensive, I found that my mind wandered quickly when we were asked to focus. After some discussion with Helen and Matthew, I realized this represented an issue of not concentrating on myself enough and what I truly wanted out of my life.

I hadn’t been listening to my heart because I had lent that specific energy, that specific part of myself to so many others in my life.

When I recognized that I needed to listen to my heart more, it resonated with me. Something clicked and my whole state of mind, my energy and motivation began to awaken, to SHIFT – it was like I was high on adrenaline with this new realization. This was my breakthrough, this was my SHIFT!

For so long, I had carried the emotional weight of other people in my life. I still struggle to accept that I cannot fix other people by myself. However, during the SHIFT Breakthrough I had the opportunity to let go of this ‘need’ to do so. I let go and relished in the feelings of relief and for the first time felt compassion for myself for doing so.

That’s another thing about the intensive, all of a sudden I was immersed in a new level of awareness.

I suddenly became aware of how my social conditioning has manipulated the way my emotions work. I learned how I could grow from recognizing where my feelings about myself, others and circumstances were limiting my personal growth and development.

What did I get from the experience, personally? A connection with myself, an understanding of what I truly wanted and an opportunity to let go of ideas and beliefs that no longer served me. And now, to remember how good it feels and to use what I’ve learned to continue to receive more of that!

I learned new everyday tools for grounding myself, calming myself and these have helped me to tap into being clearer about what I want from my day to day life and beyond. I now use these techniques in my daily routine!

Helen once said that ‘what we focus on, expands.’ Now, after attending my first SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive, I know what this means. For me, it’s through shifting my mindset, the laws of attraction can bring to me anything that we hold close to our heart and truly will to happen.

I highly recommend attending a SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive. Working with Helen and Matthew was a life changing and transformative experience for me! And it can be for you too!

B. Clarkson

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