Are You Being True to You?

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Entrepreneurship is one of many paths of self growth, especially if you want to be successful. To achieve greater and greater levels of success, You will have to continually grow yourself to be able to handle the challenges that present themselves on your journey to achieving your dream. Bigger dreams come with bigger challenges and so require you to be more of you! While it is important to do the “outer work” such as acquiring skills, creating products, learning marketing…

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How’s Your Engine Running?

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      I was talking to a client of mine the other day. I had treated him for a shoulder pain sometime last year. He had had it for a while and had tried numerous approaches, including acupuncture and traditional physical therapy, which had not given any lasting relief. Truthfully, despite his sister urging him to come see me for months, the only reason he finally gave in and came was that it was seriously hindering his golf game!…

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Small changes. Big Difference.

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I am passionate about life. Not just existing, going through the motions each day, but truly living. Waking up each day feeling grateful for my life and joyfully anticipating my day. Feeling free! I didn’t always feel this way though. There were many periods in my life that I dreaded a new day. Not wanting to wake up. Being pissed off that I had woken up at all! I was one of the “walking dead”. I did things because I…

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Feeling Challenged?

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 Why is is that we seem to feel ashamed when we are being challenged in our lives? As if we  “shouldn’t” have problems? I’ve noticed It seems to be even more challenging the smarter and more successful we become. We feel we “should”: … know better … be able to handle it alone … not even be feeling the way we feel! These judgements often cause us to withdraw and not want to talk about what’s going on, even with our…

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Feeling “Wonky” too?

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Note: I define “Wonky” as feeling “off”; experiencing rapid  and unusual shifts in  mood and energy levels. I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the past 24 hours or so. It started about 4:30 pm yesterday. I was having a great day. I had had sessions with 3 different clients in the morning. They are all making great progress in their journey of creating a life that is joyful and meaningful for them and had lots…

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Opening Up To New Possibilities

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I was introduced to a tool called ‘Access Consciousness’ sometime ago by a friend. It is a simple but profound technique that asks different questions to make us aware of what we think, feel and believe. They then use a ‘clearing statement’ to change our point of view, thereby allowing us to create a different experience or outcome. It made sense to me as I have long believed that we create our reality by what we choose to think, believe…

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5 Reasons to Love Your Body Just the Way it is (And how you can start if you don’’t!)

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Your body is your home! It’’s where you live. Like it or not, it’s the only one you’’ve got.  It’’s with you all the time, so it really suits to to find a way to love it. Just like your physical house, if you don’’t love it you’’ll be less likely to have friends over and you certainly aren’’t going to show it off! You also aren’’t as likely to spend money on it, or fix it up, and in the…

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The Right-ness of You

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Growing up, whenever I did something that did not meet the expectations of someone else I heard “What’s WRONG with you?” (I cringe when I think how many times I’ve said this to my own children!!!) In my work, I often help my clients clear blocks to their success by shifting their mindset (beliefs they have about themselves, life and what is possible for them, that they may not be aware of, and that are not in alignment with who…

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The POWER of choice

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I  “suffered” with bouts of depression for most of my teenage years and on and off through my 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. What I now understand is that my depression was simply anger turned inward.  I happened to be angry for all kinds of reasons: because I didn’t get the attention I wanted; I was made to do things I really didn’t want to and made to feel quite powerless; I was told how I “should” be, or that how…

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Creating a life YOU love!

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What would you attempt to be, do or have if you knew that you were guaranteed to be successful?                                                                         And who decides what success is anyway? I’ve been thinking about how many times in my life I have allowed fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)…

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