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Using Your Fear As Fuel

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Most of us are taught that being a strong, successful person means that you don’t entertain fear and you certainly don’t show it. Probably because wallowing in it can be draining and can rob us of our joy, self confidence, energy and our power. I know this to be true as I lived with anxiety (fear) for the first 30+ years of my life. I did not know it was my normal state until I experienced NOT having it for…

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THIS Is Why I Meditate!

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 Last week myself, my husband and my youngest son were heading to Jamaica for the weekend to attend my nieces wedding. We had a 7 am flight. It’s always a struggle to get my teenage son out the door that early in the morning, but after much nagging and shouting, we finally made it to the Baltimore airport at 5:30 am. I attempt to get us checked in, while my husband parks the car, but the kiosk keeps spitting out…

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The Ultimate Surrender

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Last week I got this cryptic text message from a friend: When I finally figured out it was not an email she was referring to (lol) I checked my mailbox outside and found a huge box that contained two boxes of a brand of Jamaican ginger tea (that I had enjoyed while visiting with her in Key West) and a beautiful piece of Coral that I had admired in a gift shop down by the pier as we were “doing…

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What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

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Today is day #23 of a 100 day exercise commitment I’m doing. What that means is, I am choosing to move my body for a minimum 30 minutes EVERY day – whether I feel like it or not. I’m actually not doing it to lose weight or be healthier (although it will probably result in both) This is an exercise in strengthening my ability to truly COMMIT to something. Really commit. Not half ass, lying-to-myself, pretending-I’m-really-committed-but-letting-it-slide-if-it-gets-hard-or-inconvenient, or, I’ll-get-to-it-tomorrow, kind of…

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The Power of A Great Question

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A few weeks ago I was completing the intake form for my new coach. One of the questions asked: “Where are you consistently letting your clients down?”. My instinctive response was a defensive, indignant “I’m NOT!”. (Lol!)   Noticing my rapid and reactive response, I took a breath and asked myself: “If you were, where would that be?”.  I suddenly remembered a comment a private client had made about 6 months earlier – that she wished I had a mastermind…

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Why You Are Stuck (and what to do about it)

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“I feel so stuck!” “I know what I need to do and I’m just not doing it. I find myself procrastinating and I’m freaking out because I’ve so much to do and I’m just not taking action. I’m not making enough money in my business. I’m so disgusted with myself!” Sound familiar? I hear these statements all the time. I’ve said them myself. Then there are those times we don’t even realize that we are stuck. We are busy. Very busy….

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Asking Hard Questions and Having Difficult Conversations

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My Mom recently had knee surgery. She was nervous about it, understandably so as she is 85 years old. My 2+ decades of experience as a physical therapist gave her some comfort, but it was my skills as a life coach that made the biggest impact. My new(er) career has allowed me to hone the skill of asking great questions – challenging questions – that evoke deep insight and open possibilities and avenues for healing. It has made me understand the…

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The Power Of A Good “Rant”

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Often times we get stuck in a negative situation because we avoid ranting and raving and expressing our outrage. There are many things that condition us to avoid expressing or honoring our extreme feelings of anger and rage. – You may have have created pain and suffering for yourself or others in the past when you expressed your anger and hurt. – Or you may have experienced being on the receiving end of someone else’s rage and it felt intimidating…

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AnnaKay’s Gift

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Last week I got the devastating news that a dear friend and past-client of mine had committed suicide. My initial reaction was one of anger and denial: “They better investigate this as a homicide because she would NEVER take her own life!”. The person I thought I knew so well was gregarious, joyful, outgoing and outspoken. Although she was divorced, she had an amazing support structure and loving relationships with family and friends. Her business was booming. She had 2…

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Getting Off The Emotional Roller Coaster

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Growing up I was often told I was being “too emotional”.  In response to my emotional outbursts my mother would tell me, “All of life is in your mind!”, which I interpreted at the time as “get a hold of yourself and snap out of it”. Unable to understand the profound truth in that statement, I simply felt dismissed, unheard and misunderstood (as many teenagers are apt to do). But, like so much else else, her words were stored in…

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